"Next week there can't be any crisis. My schedule is already full."

Henry Kissinger

However successful a business or organisation may be, a single event can turn everything on its head.


A company is publicly shamed by the criminality of an employee; a charity is confronted with negative media coverage; a workplace accident exposes health and safety failings; a security provider fails to prevent an attack on its client. Whatever the situation, the story is across social media within minutes and you are under pressure to respond. Whatever you say will be shared swiftly and will remain online forever. There is little time to reflect and no margin for error.

If you are already facing a reputation-threatening situation, contact us now. The sooner we are appraised of the situation, the sooner we can advise you and help you respond in the right way. 

The key to protecting your reputation in the long-term is preparation. Even giving the most basic level of consideration to what could go wrong and how a crisis might be handled can make all the difference to the future of an organisation. We can prepare a customised Crisis Communications Response Plan - a practical manual of steps that your business or organisation can take when a crisis occurs. This can greatly reduce the stress, disruption and expense caused by an unexpected incident. Talk to us to find out more. 

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